Ratty, the dog used to catch a bus to his favorite pub. Are dogs more intelligent than we think?

  • Yes, dogs demonstrate tremendous perception that is not credited as intelligence, but simply canine behavior.

    Humans have a tendency to constrict concepts of intelligence narrowly, and define it in a way that excludes the possibility that animals like dogs have innate intelligence. Dogs are highly social animals that live in packs in the wild. In order to survive, they must learn about their environment, how to hunt, and how to behave within the social structure of the group. All of these activities are going to require a degree of abstract thought in order to solve day to day problems.

  • Dogs are more intelligent than we think

    Dogs are more intelligent than we think. At least this dog is. Any dog that finds its way to a pub is okay by me and rates up there with the top members of mensa. In the real world, dogs aren't that smart. They go on instinct and autopilot. Smart is relative.

  • Yes, dogs are intelligent.

    People often underestimate how intelligent dogs are. WHile they may not be able to speak or count, they are able to absorb what is going on around them. They can also learn many commands and recognize familiar people, places, and things. Dogs are much more intelligent than many people give them credit for.

  • Yes they are

    Dogs have varying degrees of intelligence, just as people do. Some dogs are just special. They can learn, the are sensitive to human activities and feelings. We had a pair of lab mixes. Trixie was smart enough to teach Rocky how to open cabinets and the refrigerator. She even figured out how to open the toaster oven.

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