Recent terror attacks spark call for change: Is Germany's chancellor correct in rejecting calls to change the country's refugee policy?

  • Yes, she is correct to reject calls to changes in the refugee policy as the attacks have not generally been carried out by recent migrants.

    Chancellor Merkel is correct to reject changes and to continue to show humanity by offering safe refuge to people fleeing war-torn countries. The majority of terrorists appear to have lived in their host countries for a long time and been radicalized via the internet or during visits to places like Syria. They are often motivated by feeling victimized and experiencing prejudice at the hands of their European hosts so increased rejection is likely to fuel more terrorism.

  • At the moment she is right.

    As things stand Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, is correct to reject calls to change the country's refugee policy. In response to such terror attacks rash moves are not a good thing. It makes sense to look in-depth at things like this and understand the situation fully. By changing the refugee policy it could harm many completely innocent people, far more than would be harmed by terrorists. As things stand Merkel is right to reject the calls for changes to refugee policy, but if such terrible attacks continue then it may change the situation so much that is does become the right time to alter policy, and quickly.

  • Refugees should be kept out

    Angela Merkel is fast becoming known for supporting the controversial practice of "open borders." This only opens their borders for refugees who would plan to do them harm. Therefore, instead of rejecting protests of this policy, Merkel should heed them and close off Germany's borders to people who will commit terrorist acts.

  • No, Germany's chancellor is not correct in rejecting change to the country's refugee policy.

    Germany's chancellor is wrong to reject changing the country's refugee policy. Some of the Middle Eastern refugees have turned out to be violent and dangerous. A few have even attacked Germans in support of ISIS. Therefore, Germany should change its refugee policy in order to better vet immigrants coming into the country. The chancellor should recognize the threats facing the country under the current refugee policy.

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