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  • No, Reddit Gift Exchange seems weird and boring.

    While it might be something that is exciting for some people, the idea that most Americans would have the time, resources, or energy to join in on something like this is implausible. Most people have other things to do than receive trinkets from strangers on the internet. In all actuality it seems scary to participate because you don't know who the other person is or what you're getting.

  • No, I would not want to join in on the Reddit Gift Exchange.

    I personally wouldn't engage in the Reddit Gift Exchange, or any online gift exchange for that matter due to the abundance of scams online. Although I will agree that this gift exchange does sound like a fun, new idea, I wouldn't want to spend my money on a complete stranger when there is a possibility that I may be gifted a present of lesser value or not be given a gift at all. I have seen this type of gift exchange done on YouTube between 'beauty gurus' who ship each other their favorite beauty products; and more often than not, most exchanges result in someone not being satisfied with what was sent to them, or they were scammed by the person they participated in the exchange with.

  • More than likely no.

    I'm not sure what this Reddit gift exchange is but it sounds very irksome. Mostly anything involved with social media in this day and age brings on a certain level irksome that is vomit inducing at times. I can only imagine that involves a bunch of anonymous gifters exchanging a bunch of pointless crap in order to make themselves feel like a real community.

  • It's not for me.

    I have no desire to be a part of the Reddit gift exchange. I only want to give and receive gifts from people I actually know and care about. I don't have any desire to try to buy a gift for a stranger, and I'm sure that everyone involved will not really receive a gift when it's all over.

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