Regulators want to allow more toxic chemicals in Florida’s water. Are these officials out of touch?

  • Yes, these officials are out of touch.

    The regulators that want to allow more toxic chemicals in Florida's water are out of touch. Flint, Michigan has just had a well publicized crisis dealing with the city's water supply. Floridians depend on clean and safe water. Toxic chemicals should not be allowed into Florida's water, because doing so would jeopardize the state's water quality.

  • Yes, they're going to poison the people of Florida

    Unless there are valid and scientific facts backing up these people that there will be no issues with the health of the people after their water is contaminated with toxins, there should be no way that regulators should be allowed to do it. The health and well being of the people of Florida should be the most concerning thing to the regulators. If those toxins that are being brought in are going to hurt the people more than they are going to help them, they should not be allowed.

  • Yes, the officials that want to allow more toxic chemicals into Florida's water are out of touch.

    Allowing more toxic chemicals into Florida's water supply is not a good idea, and I'm surprised and appalled that it is even being considered. Toxic chemicals are by definition poisonous. We could be looking at long term side effects like cancer, birth defects, increased allergies, and other negative complications from the ingestion of these toxic substances.

  • No, they understand completely what they are proposing

    Regulators know what they are proposing will be detrimental to Florida's delicate ecosystem. They simply do not care, because where there is money to be made, the environment doesn't matter to them. Florida has been able to fight them off for a long time due to the efforts of a large environmental activist community, but it is getting harder for them every year as the lobbyists get more control of legislators.

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