• Church and State were not intended to be seperated

    I am a student in junior high, I am religious and I have studied the Constitution, and the ideas of the founding fathers. They said that a religious people is a moral people. In today's society we need religion more than ever. Everyday at my school I hear about drugs and bullying. The F word and other cuss words is probably used around 27 times in my ear shot during one passing time.
    Yeah, you might say that it is the staff's fault for not catching it, but they wouldn't have to if these kids went to church. Throughout my life I have wondered who I would be if I hadn't been raised in a church, and I fear the thought of it when I look around me. We need it! And we need it now!

  • Allowed, but not mandated.

    If school students want to pray or have a religious club, they should be allowed to so long as students of other religions are provided the same opportunity. The issue with religion in schools comes into play when the school itself endorses one religion over another, or instructs students in one religion. The school should not sponsor religious activities, but should not restrict students from their own.

  • Maybe this can happen?

    Why is it that we are able to speak the name of God with friends and peers but not in the classrooms? I don’t think this is right. We are allowed to speak about some religions but not others we are allowed to talk about them in history, language, any class but science, unless we have scientific proof. Why is this? God is a part of history and is also a science.

    A public school teacher may not pray with or in front of students during the school day. However, a teacher who attended the same place of worship could pray with or in front of students in that place of worship. If this is true then why can’t a teacher pray with a student in school? Why only in a place of worship why not in a school too? A public school cannot stop its students from praying on school grounds, so long as the religious expression is not disruptive. If students are allowed to speak God's word and pray then why can't teachers as long as they don't tell other students that they have to believe god is real.

  • People should be educated about different religions.

    Where i live most of the things that we learn about are catered around First Nations religion. I mean its nice to now but i think that students should have some choice in what they learn and not just what the school is teaching because that is what the area is. Most people are Native but there are at least half of the kids in my school that are Christian and we don't get a choice as to what we learn. So yea i think that there should be religion in schools because people need to have a choice as to what religion they learn about.

  • Religion is a HELP

    Religious retreats and classes should be offered by the school. It should be optional. The retreats I've gone to have helped calm me down. I am OK with doing my homework. I like to listen to Christian music while I'm working. It helps me focus on doing my homework and other school activities.

  • Yes its ok

    I think that there should be class that teach you about a religion. Not mandatory, and parents can decide if they want their kids to do it, but really, whats the harm?? I'm a sophomore in high school and am an atheist. But i want to learn about different religion and expand my beliefs.

  • History is based on religion

    History is based on religion so why are we ignoring our ancestors and removing what they fought and died for by removing it from children's eyes they should be given a choice whether or not they choose to take a class to broaden there knowledge of the choices they have to believe in or not to. America was founded on religion so why are we ignoring it.

  • Practicing own religion Should be allowed

    If its okay to have church schools and cult schools any student should be allowed to practice any religion. Not saying its ok to preach on to other people who are not of that religion; however it should be allowed to pray or to learn of there religion. In this age of time students need to have something to believe in.

  • Practicing own religion Should be allowed

    If its okay to have church schools and cult schools any student should be allowed to practice any religion. Not saying its ok to preach on to other people who are not of that religion; however it should be allowed to pray or to learn of there religion. In this age of time students need to have something to believe in.

  • It is the students choice

    In my school we have tried to form a prayer group for our homeroom. The school would not approve of it because they think all we want to do is pressure people in. It is the students choice so it should be allowed but not a thing that has to happen to the student. But for those who walk the path with god they should be able to express it with one and other!

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  • No just no

    The reason religion shouldn't be taught in school is because not everyone worships the same religion and that would cause issues among students and staff and their would be to much discrimination among people and students would argue about how the earth and the universe was created and which religion is true.

  • I do not believe in a god

    Why is it allowed for almost the entire school to recite a paragraph that ends in the belief of a god. That is religion being encouraged in school, directly violating the 1st amendment of not endorsing religion in public schooling. I will not say the name of a religious leader nor will i hear you say the name of a religious leader in my school.

  • It's a public school, not private. No one has any right to push religion on students.

    See, the fact here is that it's a public school. The school is meant to be an open place for anyone and everyone that attends. I'm a student and I'm an athiest, I have two first class teachers because I'm on an A day, B day schedule, one allows us to not say the pledge, but has us stand an put our hands over our hears in a gesture of respect to all who have fought and died for our freedom to not say the pledge or say it. On the other hand, my obviously religious English teacher (who's pretty much shoving religion down our throats at this point and forcing us to make a sermon) watches us and makes sure we say the pledge and have our hands over our hearts and all that. Also, I have a transgender friend and am a lesbian myself, so when my chemistry teacher asked another one of my friends (who is also a friend of the trans man) if she was a Christian (she said yes even though she is an athiest because she knew what he wanted to hear) he preached to her about god and called her over to talk about their 'shared' beliefs and even went so far as to take me to the side and ask about how to further accept members of the LGBTQ+ community... I said I was part of it and he said "So you're an acronym as well!" And continued to talk as if it would make the situation better.

    The reason I'm listing these stories is that this is a public school I'm talking about, not one with religion in it. The two teachers that I talked about shoving religion down our throats have gotten away with these violations of personal privacy and the separation of church and state. The reason this shouldn't be allowed in a public school is that it changes the viewpoints of the children learning from these teachers and it disallows them from expressing their personal views without the threat of punishment.

  • Causes conflict more than being free

    I have seen many different religions in my school we are all very closed off and we live in a small community so we aren't open minded. This idea could hurt the kids that support one religion that many others think is wrong. I know that is bullying but maybe if we keep things like that to ourselves we shouldn't have to worry about them being bullied or hurt for the way they do their prayers or the way they can't eat certain foods. This is a gate for ones to get bullied or people to become a bully.

  • Private, maybe. Public, no!!

    If you send your child to a private school, there's a reason. Maybe you're Catholic, and you want your child's education centered around those particular set of values. Maybe its a technical school and your child is a gifted engineer. In any instance, you chose that school and more than likely, you're paying for your child to be there.

    Public schools are just that, public. All manner of students attend from different religious backgrounds, and they aren't there by choice. In almost all cases, this school was chosen for you and your child and its completely free (except in some cases where you apparently make too much money fro your child to have a free lunch, which is just ridiculous) but is it fair for an Jewish boy/girl to have to leave the class because Mrs. Teacher wants the class to pray before the class takes a test. Is it right for a Catholic child to not be able to participate in a class activity because it promotes Islamic practices? No. Students shouldn't have to miss out because school's go against their faith.

    I feel if religious practices or holy books are taught in school, it should be to compare them ALL or as historical documents(books).

  • People should have a choice, not be pressured

    The football team prays to god, there is a bible circle (but no other forms of religious worship is supported by the school), and if you dont say all of the pledge of allegience (under god) you are reprimanded. I have no problem with showing religion as long as all religions are supported in equal measure (even my non-religion)

  • Religion provides no solid evidence for the existence of a creator. I also feel more comfortable with believing what scientist say.

    Supporting Argument? What supporting argument provides why lies should be taught to unsuspecting children who then develop a close-minded worldview. I also hate the attitude that come with most religions, their smugness, close-mindedness, ignorance and bigotry. I would not enjoy the company of people who don't want to accept evidence and just go with faith.

  • The US Were Not Founded on Christian Principles, But on the Basis of Freedom of Religion

    Outside of a class like 'World Religions' (that teaches about all major religions, without putting an emphasis or a detectable preference on a specific one), religion has no place in a public school. The US (I am assuming we are talking primarily about the US) are not founded on Christian principles (as some may claim), they are founded on the principles of multiple philosophers and political thinkers of the Enlightenment period (John Locke's separation of powers, human rights, etc.), making the argument that 'our country was founded on Christian principles' invalid. The first settlers, while very religious themselves, actually fled from the institutionalised Church of England because they wanted freedom of religion. Especially the practice of an institutionalised religion (prayer in the morning), even with the opportunity to opt out, would be discriminating. Therefore, religion in any other way than practiced privately by the individual (silent prayer) in a way that does not disrupt school proceedings and an impartial, purely educational 'World Religions'-type curriculum has no place in schools.

  • Religion at school should not be allowed

    Yes, it is true that religion is important to some people, but not everyone. If you have a strong opinion about your religion then look for the right place for you. The society is diverse and unique. We have to respect other cultures and their status. There are students that don't believe in any religion and they must be respected. Students should be free to practice their beliefs, but those beliefs should not be institutionalized

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