Remaining Officers in Freddie Gray Case cleared of all charges. Was that the correct call?

  • No, it was not. T

    The officers in the Freddie Gray case used excessive force. Not only that, but Freddie Gray was innocent. There was no reason to shoot or otherwise harm him. This verdict is just further proof of cover ups and of an unjust system that is not only biased, but is racist.

  • Freddie Gray case should have led to a trial

    Freddy Gray was just another innocent black man murdered by police. Unfortunately, the people who killed him were recently cleared of all charges. I think they should have been convicted for manslaughter since they killed an individual who was unarmed and had no way of defending himself against the officers.

  • Officers cleared irresponsibly in Freddie Gray Case.

    The officers involved in the Freddie Gray killing had many suspicious activities transpire during the handling of Gray. Those law enforcement members displayed gross negligence, as they let Gray undergo serious physical trauma in the back of their vehicle. Any reasonable officer would have known to find medical care for Gray.

  • No, this was a case of police brutality so it was not a correct call.

    No, a person is dead because of police brutality. Clearing all the officers of the charges is therefore incorrect. Police officers are under a lot of pressure, but they do need to be held accountable. How is police brutality ever going to diminish if those involved get away with it? There should have been a different outcome.

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