Reparations for slavery: Should countries with legacies of slavery compensate the descendants of slaves?

  • We owe them

    Based on the reasons set above. Also, Slaves provided intensive, manual labor which would be seen as torture by the lower class today, and were not paid a penny in return. We owe them that money now. If not now, when? We owe them that money to their descendants. Thanks

  • Yes they should

    Britain should apologize for their involvement in slavery
    Denmark should apologize for their involvement in slavery
    They should make steps to compensate the people whose families were harmed and never had any compensation for what happened to them. I think these two countries owe a lot of apologies and compensation for what happened.

  • Justice for descendants of slaves

    Countries with histories of slavery should compensate descendants of slaves. If someone can prove that their ancestor was enslaved, and that this slavery was enabled and condoned by the government currently in power, the government should compensate that individual at least to some degree, even if the compensation was largely symbolic.

  • How is this even an argument?

    There are a few reasons why this debate is ridiculous. What someones ancestors did has nothing to with them. Many people in former slavery practicing countries families were not even there at the time. Such as mine, who were slaves in ireland well after slavery ended in America. Lastly, slavery was a pretty bad thing obviously but silver lining, got their asses out of Africa.

  • Descendants shouldn't have to pay for what their ancestors did!

    First of all, descendants shouldn't have to pay the repercussions for the decisions of their ancestors. Plus there is no more slavery in America. So, why should we pay for something that way in the past?! In my opinion, this generation should not have to pay for the past generations

  • Everyone has to start somewhere

    It is unfortunate that slavery ever existed, however society today generally is worse than slavery. For the lowest wage earners can only make enough money to survive with massive amounts of help from friends, family, charities and their governments. This is not only a problem of descendants of slaves. Slavery means no debts, so although one was not free, one did not carry the burden of debts. If a free person in the slave holding state were in poverty, they often were in debt and often lost everything they had. There is no difference in the monetary outcome. To suggest that all slaves would have been in the black, rather than owing debt would be a major fallacy. Frankly, if ones ancestors were slaves and an others ancestors were in massive amounts of debt, the monetary effect is worse on the debt laden descendant, as that debt may pass on from generation to generation through poverty. As one debt is paid another is taken. The fact that slaves lacked freedom only affects them, not their descendants who never knew a life without freedom. People should be happy with what they've got, regardless of their roots. The descendants of slaves should not be paid, the slaves should have been paid upon gaining their freedom, to help them start their lives.

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