Reports of an explosion spark an armed response as Germany remains on edge. Is the German Population too sensitive?

  • Yes, the have become to sensitive.

    Overreacting can start another war that would have devastating effects. They have become to sensitive and are like a country that has PTSD. The best thing to do is to calm down and to relax so that they can focuse on being proactive rather than being reactive and acting with unnessary force.

  • Yes, Germany's population is experiencing a period of heightened senitivity

    Yes, Germany's population is experiencing a period of heightened sensitivity. This is due to the influx of refugees into the country from the Middle East. Because of these current events, the population of Germany feels on edge as if something may happen at any moment. This sensitivity will soon subside.

  • They have every right to be on edge.

    Given the number of attacks that have taken place in Germany in the space of a few days, German citizens should exercise extreme caution and if that means being on edge all the time, then so be it. Until the risk of such attacks is reduced, the people of Germany need to do all they can to stay safe,

  • No, in light of recent events, the German population is not too sensitive.

    No, the German population is not being too sensitive. The people truly are on edge. They have enjoyed a peaceful existence for many years, but now they've been hit hard by criminals intent on harming others. Understandably they are on high alert and anything suspicious will cause an exaggerated response.

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