Republicans Denounce Trump After Remarks About Muslim Soldier's Parents: How far is too far even for Trump's own party?

  • Trump, by attacking the parents of a brave soldier, has gone beyond the bounds of human decency this time.

    Trump's attack on the Muslim soldier's parents has made his supporters aware that he has an alarming lack of humanity that goes beyond a mere tough stance. His remarks emphasize his racial prejudice and ignorance of different racial customs, as well as displaying a gross insensitivity towards the parents of a young man whose bravery saved the lives of others.

  • Yes, Donald Trump has gone too far with some of his comments for even his own party to support them

    Yes, Donald Trump has gone too far with some of his comments for even his own party to support them. Donald Trump's statements are too controversial to be said publicly even if Republicans typically support these statements privately. Donald Trump has gone too far to receive full support from his own party.

  • Not too far.

    Granted, Trump may not know much about Muslims but neither do I or most other people who are not Muslim. What we do know is that there are groups of people within the Muslim belief that support terrorism. Can you tell the difference between the two just by looking? I know I can't and I would guess many Muslims would know either. I would also guess that the only way we would know is if any were terrorists is if A) they committed an act of terrorism, B) came right out and admitted it, or C) we put everyone through a detailed screening process. Clearly A is not an option we should risk, B is not likely to happen voluntarily, and C would take a very long time to develop much less use in a timely manner without having someone claim that it would infringe on their rights, this leaves us with D, restrictions for all until we can institute C.
    Look, if the family of the Muslim soldier are U.S. citizens without terrorist ties, they have nothing to worry about and should not take offense. Obviously they know that there are radicals within the Muslim faith so know that the negative remarks by Trump are not intended for them but for the terrorist groups within the faith. Hypothetically, if during WWII, German people were banned from entering the U.S., people of Germanic ancestry would understand the situation. They even understood why many had to be placed in interment camps just in case there were any sympathizers among them.
    Here is the thing, with the number of terrorist acts happening around the world, how many lives are too many? Would you be so willing to allow Muslims easy access if members of your family were killed in prior attacks? I don't know about you, but I don't want to take that risk in the first place.

  • He went too far but the party doesn't care

    Trump went too far, and while Republicans may have rebuked him, they are still backing his candidacy. That tells me that there is no such thing as too far for his party, or more of them would be backing off their endorsements. Their hatred for Hillary Clinton will keep them on Trump's side no matter what he does.

  • Trump did not go too far

    The Republicans aren't going to denounce Trump no matter what he says at this point. They might act shocked when he says something blunt and not politically correct, but they know where the money is, and they know he is just saying aloud what the mass majority thinks and wants. Women being subordinate while the men rule is supposedly one of hallmarks of the Muslim culture. So, while it did not show much class, panache or political correctness when Trump mentioned the mother's silence and that perhaps she was not allowed to speak or have an opinion, he only said aloud what the majority on non-Muslims believe and have been taught about that culture and that particular religion.

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