Restrictions on freedom of speech: Should governments protect certain religious groups from speech that is antithetical to their views?

  • Freedom of speech is hard but necessary

    Freedom of speech can sometimes be a difficult thing because when people start spouting off hateful, racist, or even just plain wrong feelings and beliefs, we still need to protect their right to say so. However, we need to make sure there is a line between saying what you feel and harming others. An example would be people who protest gay soldier funerals. There needs to be a line.

  • The very heart of our Constitution is the First Amendment

    There is no more important freedom in the Bill of Rights than the right of freedom of speech and religion. Freedom of religion, though, does not give one a license to suppress others' criticism of their religion.

    It is a terrible idea for the government to give any group,religious or otherwise, special protection from hearing things they may not like.

  • Government should have no say in any speech used by it's citizens.

    Our founding fathers made a law about separation of church and state. No religion should have the authority to tell other religions what they can and cannot say. Government should not approve of one churches ideals over another. This country was created by people who were sick of an overbearing government. Guess what? We have an overpowered, overbearing, terrorist government.

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