Richard Sherman wants billionaires, not taxpayers, to pay for stadiums. Should stadiums be privately funded?

  • Private Owners Should Foot Stadium Bills, Not Taxpayers

    In today's economic climate it is ridiculous that taxpayers are expected to pay for massive sports stadiums. The teams that play in these buildings are owned by extremely rich individuals that often have little loyalty to the city they are in, and have been known to pick up and leave town when the going gets rough financially.

  • Yes, stadiums should be privately funded.

    Yes, stadiums should be privately funded by billionaires and not taxpayers. Richard Sherman's thoughts on this are correct. Those that perform or participate in athletics in these stadiums are paid six figures or more. Not all taxpayers can even afford to purchase a ticket to a stadium event, therefore they should not be the ones funding the stadiums.

  • Yes, stadiums should be privately funded.

    Yes, stadiums should be privately funded. Having billionaires pay for stadiums is a great idea because they can pay ridiculous amounts of money that taxpayers probably can't. We can have lavish stadiums for everyone to enjoy. So yes, in conclusion, stadiums should be privately funded and paid for by billionaires.

  • Stadiums should be privately funded

    Stadiums should be privately funded. It has been shown that stadiums do not produce enough revenue to offset the tax dollars spent. It is being used for private purposes, such as sporting events and concerts. Therefore, there should be private sources of funding, which could include selling the naming rights to a corporate sponsor.

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