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  • Let the 80s rest in peace.

    In today's fashion landscape, men do not often wear shorts that ride above the knee. This is perceived by many to be a sign of homosexual attraction, meant to silently communicate a man's desires to any others who may be interested. Instead, heterosexual men tend to wear shorts that extend past the knee as a nonverbal sign of manliness.

  • No, we should not all dress like Richard Simmons

    Richard Simmons, a long-time fitness personality, actor and celebrity, is known in American culture for his flamboyant personality and outfits, larger-than-life fitness and weight loss classes and frequent television guest appearances. It is my opinion that we should not all dress like Richard Simmons as his outrageous outfits tend to match his equally wild personality. Such outfits, which oftentimes include copious amounts of glitter, Daisy Duke-style shorts, bright patterns and neon colors, may not match everybody's personality or be the type of clothing that everyone enjoys wearing. Not everyone enjoys drawing attention to themselves through the clothes that they choose to wear.

  • Dress like Richard Simmons if you want

    If you want to dress like Richard Simmons more power to you. Do it. But if you don't then don't. Personally I love short shorts. Feeling that breeze over my thighs while running feels really good. But all the glitz and glitter isn't for me. Do what you want to do.

  • Absolutely no one should dress like Richard Simmons - not even Richard Simmons!

    Of course we shouldn't all dress like Richard Simmons, what a ludicrous idea! The idea of us all walking around in sparkly gym attire is a step too far! Not even thin and fit people can carry off that look and he only can get away with it because he's a celebrity and it's party of his cult image.

  • No, we shouldn't.

    I don't have a problem with Richard Simmons or how he dresses, but everyone should be able to dress how they are most comfortable. We can't just lump people into one category and be done with it. We need to encourage self exploration, eager to see that everyone is different.

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