Rio chefs feed poor: should Olympic chefs have fed leftover food to the poor?

  • Yes should had

    Instead of wasting food they can be giving food to people that really need something to eat there are people who have no food to eat and they to beg people to give them something to eat and it's nice to help people out when need it the most that's can be you out there starving

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, if there's leftover food, and the athletes and staff are fed. Especially if the leftovers are going to waste, then Olympic chefs should use the surplus food to feed the poor. There's so much food waste, and I imagine that there's plenty of nutritional food available for elite athletes. It should go to the poor.

  • Yes, they should.

    It is a waste and a shame for people to throw aways as much food as they do. There are so many hungry people in Rio and this food would have otherwise gone to waste. As many people have pointed out, we do not have a shortage, it is just that many people do not have access to food.

  • Yes, the Olympic chefs should have fed leftovers to the poor.

    Yes, I think the Olympic chefs made the right decision it is amazing that the y were able to fed leftovers the poor. Food can be easily wasted especially with such a big group of athletes. It is a nice gesture that they were able to feed those who cannot afford to purchase food on their own.

  • Olympic chefs should have fed leftover food to the poor.

    Olympic chefs should have fed leftover food to the poor. This is because so much money is brought into Brazil by the Olympics that people that live in the community should benefit from it as well, not just the government fat cats. In fact, there should be a fund made just for citizens that benefit from Olympics receipts.

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