Rio Olympics athletes' village was declared "uninhabitable." Will Brazil recover from these embarrassments?

  • Yes, but their recovery will be a long uphill battle

    Throughout the time period leading to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, citizens around the world have been clawing to know everything they can. When it was discovered that the athletes' village was less than adequate for the extremely deserving athletes, embarrassments ensued on the Rio city. It was not this single formality that will set them back however. It is the joking mayor's remarks to the athletes that will cause these embarrassments to linger throughout the Rio games.

  • Yes, while these incidents have put a dent on Brazil's image, it will recover.

    Yes, when the Olympics actually start the world will be dazzled by the opening show that Brazil is putting together. As the events begin, people will be focused on the competitions. These positive images will enable Brazil to overcome any embarrassments, including the athletes' village being declared uninhabitable in recent news.

  • Brazil is a country ridden with low wealth townships and establishments.

    Brazil needs to stop covering up for their poverty. I think it's better to have it known to international tourists than to try to hide it, because eventually it will be exploited and found, costing Brazil their reputation. From what I've heard about Brazil, they try covering up poverty with walls and vegetation, away from the view of tourists. This is something that I am strongly against.

  • No, it will not.

    No, certainly not any time soon. This is a major snafu. They should not have bid to be the host of the Olympic Games if they were not truely ready to do so. This is a big deal and big world stage and will put a huge damper on any future events being held in Brazil.

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