Roblox flood escape or Roblox survive the disaster

  • I nae nae on roblox everday buuuuuut

    I have severely mentally challenging syndrome , thats why i play rob lox and I'm onlee 12. Haha lol. Me and my friends attimpted wip and nay nay challinge at camerons house but we are really good :) despacito is my favorite song and i have 4 stacks of 64 dimondsin my invintory

  • I think you all deserve to end your lives.

    Just give it up, give it up, give it up, baby give it up. Honestly though this is a debate website not a 12 year old central. Please just give up on life or just get rid of your computer with its roblox infested disease. I have 5 words needed in this sentence

  • Because you get more cool stuff.

    But you need coins to buy them. The game is 😎 cool
    there is so much stuff. In Flood escape there are not much
    Things you can buy. Which one do you like there both cool.
    Last thing subscribe to my channel search up Omar Mukbil
    and press on filter then channel then press on the picture
    with the mosque 🕌 it might be called The Mystery.

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