Roblox vs minecraft choose which is better. Yes for roblox no for minecraft

Asked by: jdudeace
  • Roblox is the best online games

    Roblox has the best graffics known on the computer roblox has got better from every update it has ever had and now roblox is getting new players and most of them are player are staying. Most players get tired of minecraft because the game is too pridicteable and the game is getting old we need new games with better 3D graphis

  • More contentertaining in roblox.

    Now first thing we need to get clear, is that roblox will never win, yes it's a better game, but minecraft is to popular with players like me to be able to win. Remeber, the fact is, people state there opinion, not the truth, but anyway, roblox wins because of its content, and guess what? How can I tell u? Will minecraft players why don't u play roblox and find out instead of just playing one. Iv proubly played more minecraft and still like roblox better. Don't be a fan boy, roblox fans u should play minecraft to, and stop arguing in something that minecraft will always win in because minecraft is more popular

  • Little Kids Like You Like Blocks

    Hello kids! I am going to be your teacher for today. Today we will be learning about a game called Ro Blocks. It is a game where you get guns and get vehicles to go shoot each other. So it is a bad game. You kids are not allowed to play it since you are not mature enough. Come back in 10 years kids, this one's not for you.

  • Roblox is the best

    Roblox is a platform not a game, big difference with minecraft which not only do you pay ( unlike Roblox which is free ). Roblox has Roblox studio a system used to make games on Roblox. It is very easy to use for amateurs who don't know coding to pros at it. If you still don't get how to use Roblox studio look on roblox's to twitch to watch video of how to learn coding and to use Roblox studio.

  • Roblox is the best

    Because not only is Roblox free but you can do more things on it than play unlike on minecraft. Roblox isn't a game it's a platform so not only do you get to play games but you get to build games. Not only is it easy for professionals to build games but also for armatures. Roblox also has twitch videos that help you under stand how to use Roblox studio (the system used to make games on Roblox) and in real life as well. But minecraft is just a child's game that is just for playing and end when you beat the ender dragon, not worth paying money for.

  • Roblox is better

    Roblox. Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games using the programming language "lua"and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users through Roblox Studio. The platform hosts social network games constructed of Lego-like virtual blocks.

  • Roblox is online plus it has FPS so ya

    Roblox is clearly better because it has deep breath FPS rpg soccer and football and basketball it also has superheroes like Batman superman and Spider-Man also there are sims like Dino sim and yin vs yang sim
    Plus roblox has a whole lot more so ya just the front page looks cool
    Those are all my reasons why roblox😎 is better then agh Minecraft 🤢

  • Mine craft sucks

    The reason why i say this is because in roblox there are MILLIONS of games. Mine craft onlynhas like 5 games every server.I also reasearched and dound out that roblox is one of the most popular games in the world.Also only about 700,000 people play minecraft yet roblox just hit 1 billion.

  • Roblox #1 club penguin#2

    I love roblox because it has the bes graphics in all of the pc world. Minecraft is rubbid if you are stupid and don't play roblox do not play minecraft oplay club penguin cos that's great 2. Minecraft people look lik3 spongebob square pants if spongebob had really bad graphics.

  • Roblox Is Way Better

    First of all, Roblox costs nothing to download. (Unlike Minecraft, which is completely overpriced and does not give you all the benefits of the real game in demo.) Second, Roblox is more creative. Roblox has not only just cubes, but other 3D shapes too. It also can stretch and collide with other shapes. Minecraft just has cubes and doesn’t have all the creativity that Roblox puts into their game. Third, Roblox has better graphics. Yeah, Minecraft has good graphics if you’re from the nineties. All Minecraft has is squares for graphics. Roblox has more modern graphics. They’re not the best, but they’re better than Minecraft’s, and they are more in-this-time if you know what I mean. Please know that if you’re going to criticize something, you have to TRY IT YOURSELF. You can’t watch someone do something and say, “Oh, that sucks!” I have played Minecraft before and I personally feel that Roblox is better than Minecraft.

  • I like roblox, But lets be real here.

    Roblox is a fun online game. . . At times. Sometimes, people can be cyber-bullying and calling each other names. Someone could be hacking your account/the game, or try to give you a virus in the comments section. Minecraft, On the other hand, does something similar to Roblox. . .But it does it better. It is expensive, but it's a 1 time purchase. No Membership or in-game purchases. It is a virtual sandbox, with endless possibilities, while Roblox has lots of viruses, jerks, and is only sometimes fun. I like both, however. :P

  • Sorry, Roblox ads were too common when the computer got a virus. I don't trust Roblox.

    As well as what I said in the title, there is the fact that Minecraft is one of my all time favourites. Is it a very good game? No. Is it original? No. Is it still pretty fun to play? For me, yes. I doubt very much the ugly looking Roblox is better. It looks graphically terrible. Minecraft doesn't have the greatest graphics, but at least it doesn't look as bad as Roblox. This is just my personal aesthetic opinion.

  • Roblox may have better graphics and mechanics but Minecraft has better creativity.

    I have played both games, Roblox and Minecraft. I think both of them are games that were designed to boost the creativity of kids and adults too. However, if we are talking creativity wise, then Minecraft takes the cake. Minecraft's worse graphics actually are a pro for the game because it makes the player be more creative on how to build their structures. Roblox's graphics are to good for creativity because creating something requires very little bricks and some scripting.

  • Roblox sucks balls lul

    0 000 00000
    Minecraft is clearly better(not that i like it) because roblox has the ugliest characters i can imagine.
    Not to mention it barely has much of features.
    Minecraft has almost the same features just for one addition: it has lots of gamemodes. Just check out lots of the cool servers minecraft has and they have lots of different awesome and crazy minigames and creations.
    Why go to a free non priced lame-prick game when u have a cool overpricedbutworthit game?

  • Minecraft is better

    Minecraft is better for a lot of reasons because one you can either play by your self or with others while roblox you have to play with others in order to play at all. With minecraft you have the sky as the limit for your imagination and can build anything you want but roblox there are always restictsion on what or how you build something.

  • MINECRAFT RULES! Sorry Roblox

    Roblox just isn't the same as Minecraft, Minecraft has better graphics, more servers (obviously), more mods (Roblox doesn't have any) and has way more minigames such as dragon escape, Minestrike, Kitpvp and lastly, There is both long range and close range pvp in Minecraft, but roblox only has long range pvp minigames.

  • Moincraft is da best

    Minecraft has mods and can do the same as roblox but more without having every object looking like a pile of deformed legos. Mods run perfectly on even my crappy hp laptop so theres no issue ter. If u still think roblox is better than I suggest u try Minecraft pc pvp. One u get good at the game and are able to play u will see how much better. Roblox is a simple meme and that's the only reason why it exsits. Let me just mention about stuff like minecon and competitive pvpers meetups that outnumber the 0 public events roblox hosts.

  • Mods crash my minecraft game sorry mc

    Every time i get mods for minecraft it crashed it killed my world or sometimes just delete them all. I feel like roblox is better because in minecraft people ban me and spam kill and blow my stuff up. While roblox you need to be admin to use commands and it # out all bad words and minecraft lets you say anything. But both are fun.

  • Both are good but I prefer Minecraft.

    I like both games and think they are both very good and fun to play. However gonna have to give Minecraft the edge. In my opinion the community is much more mature and knows how to handle situations better ( for the most part). Also there can be a lot more competition too it in the form of pvp severs. At the end of the day it comes down the preference and there’s really not one superior choice that’s just my opinion.

  • Oh come on! This is a no-brainer.

    Minecraft $26.95, and it consists of 100% worth it! Easy to learn game, many choices to spice up your world, and there are hundreds of mods to spice up your entire game! Also, I like the 16x16 retro-like blocks in my opinion. Also, with websites like server.Pro or aternos.Me, you can create servers for free! Meanwhile, in Roblox, you have to pay for builders club. Also, honestly, what's with the controls in Roblox? To turn using your mouse, you must use first person, but to see farther and build easier, you must go in 3rd person mode, where you must right click to use your mouse or use arrow keys, which is annoying for building games like Theme Park Tycoon. Many of you may say it's overpriced, but come on! It's worth it, bored of the classic gameplay of Minecraft? Don't go over to Roblox yet! As I've already stated, hundreds of mods are here for you if you're ever bored. Many people point out that Minecraft is single-player and Roblox is multiplayer and say that in Minecraft, you get lonely, but, there is a multiplayer mode in Minecraft too, I've been playing Minecraft for about 3 years, and I've been playing in multiplayer most of the time, I've got plenty of friends in multiplayer at this point, and it's a great game in my opinion!

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GetMeReported says2017-02-03T17:28:48.250
First of all, let me start out by saying the that the person who made this debate does not understand how to make a proper debate. It has the ERB symbol in the back (like wtf?) and they made it a Yes or No debate, which is not grammatically correct to the question. Now, let me start my actual content: I'll give it to you straight forward. These two games are both stupid games that people with no lives play. Roblox is for unfortunate, unprivileged, 69 year old pedophilic individuals who obviously think that they are "cool" by playing this. This game is for people that cannot afford Minecraft. Having a variety of games does not mean that each game is good, in fact every Roblox game is just another rip off of another game. Have you ever heard of the expression "Putting lipstick on a pig"? That pretty much describes Roblox. People think that they can become "famous" by buying crappy virtual clothes and making games with horrible graphics. The creator of this game is obviously an autistic epileptic by thinking that they made a "fun" website for "kids" to play, even though the only people that play are grown men and women who only play to bully kids and online date, and little 5 year olds who have no knowledge of what grammar is except for "LOLOLOLOL". These people are fools falling into traps, but if they are so foolish, I think they should fall in these traps and die too.

Minecraft is just a rip off of Roblox except only addicted, sketchy 10 year olds will play. The people that play think that Roblox is way under their level, even though in truth, they both suck equally. I actually feel bad for any morons who play this because it is filled with homosexual racist bastards. Playing a block game doesn't make you look cool. Your "Steve" looks like a demented robot cow on steroids. You guys have no friends, that's why you have the "Singleplayer" mode. The graphics don't impress me and neither do the usernames of the players.