Rodrigo Duterte's Obama insult costs Philippines' stock market hundreds of millions. Will he cause their economy to crash?

  • Rodrigo Duterte will cause Philippines' economy to crash

    Rodrigo Duterte will cause the Philippines' economy to crash. His harsh rhetoric towards President Obama has already caused a large dig in their stock market. Investors are pulling out funds based on these statements, and his autocratic actions. He is not acting presidential or diplomatic, and it is affecting his economy.

  • Yes, he will cause their economy to crash.

    Yes, Duterte will cause the Philippine's economy to crash. He has repeatedly insulted Obama and does not seem to be slowing down. He has proven himself to be an ineffective leader in more than one way. The Philippines should look to elect someone else to avoid many of these failures.

  • YEs, he will.

    Rodrigo Duterte has shown that he does not really care about the opionions or feelins of other people. He is likely to cause a great deal of harm as long as he continues to say things that are offensive to people who have power, either as individuals or a group.

  • No, the Philippine stock market will not crash

    The reaction to the Duterte's insult to Obama has caused some instability in the Philippine economy. There was a temporary negative effect to the stock market but the economy will rebound. There is an important link between the two countries and they need to remain allies. The U.S. will continue to offer support to the Philippines.

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