Rohtak girl raped again by previous attackers: Will this influence India to change rape laws?

  • Yes, tough laws are needed as soon as possible.

    Now that the Rohtak girl has been raped again by the same attackers, it is to show that the lenient rape laws may be the reason rape cases are on the rise. This will indeed influence the Indian legislature to change rape laws to deter the rampant rape cases from happening

  • No, it will not.

    If the case did not chance the law the first time, it is not going to change the law now. There needs to be changes, but it does not seem like this will change the law by itself. There needs to be more respect for women before the law will change.

  • No, this will not change India's laws, but it should

    Today, we sadly have become used to stories regarding rape and assault. It is not uncommon to turn on our TV and find out that a girl was raped and murdered or that a child was tortured by their own parents. The media has normalized such activities so much that people have become almost immune, changing channels as though they were unimpressed by the stories presented. The story above should change the laws in India, sadly, it is highly unlikely people will pay attention to it.

  • No, because rape is too endemic to their system

    India is a very backward company who, despite passing laws against the caste system, still practices it privately. Their societal norms are not respectful of women and they will never change. The disregard for women is too deeply ingrained in their culture and religion for any laws to make a difference.

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