Rolex waterproofing tested 89 years ago: Is Rolex still the best watch brand in the industry today?

  • Yes, Rolex has spent decades creating the marketing image that a Rolex watch is a sign of success —it also happens to be a good watch.

    One of the reasons for Rolex’s success in value retention, is that it has kept the product line small, enabling many of these watches to become household names. Omega, in comparison, does okay on the second-hand market, but has hurt itself by peppering the field with so many different models over the years.

  • Rolex is the best.

    I think that Rolex is still the best of the best when it comes to watches. It is one of the few watch brands where everyone recognizes the same, and the name Rolex is synonymous with quality and luxury. Everyone wants to be wearing a Rolex, so they are still at the top.

  • No, their watches probably don't keep time any better than other brands.

    Watches should be obsolete in modern times. My cell phone keeps time just as well, if not better than a Rolex or any other brand of watch. Only highly superficial people (or people who don't use cell phones) care about watches in this day and age. I am not an expert, but I assume that most watches keep time about equally well, so Rolex is probably not any better than any other brand of watch.

  • No, Rolex is not the best watch brand in the industry today

    No, Rolex is not the best watch brand in the industry today. Today, Rolex is known for making expensive watches that are not affordable to the average person, however, they are not known to be the best. There may have been a time when Rolex was the best and now they are able to charge higher prices for that.

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