• I think so

    I think he's a team player, and at this point, even if Russel Westbrook is not, he's averaging a triple double for the Thunder, which is pretty amazing. I do think the game has changed and that some of the players are more about "me" than about "team". What's more, his coach, Billy Donovan, says he's doing this, but not at the team's expense.

  • He looks out for his teammates.

    Westbrook has put the Thunder on the map. In addition to a strong defensive game, Westbrook takes advantage of his teammates. He has never been accused of being unwilling to pass the ball. Westbrook works hard on his basic skills and he has done well for the Thunder. The team will win more games with his skills on board.

  • Westbrook is a Team Player

    I believe that Russell Westbrook is a team player and this has been evidenced by his actions in the past. Although some may not agree with this stance, it doesn't change the fact that he has shown excellent team playing skills in the past showing an ability to use those skills in the future also.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Somehow Westbrook looks even more dangerous this time around. In fact it’s difficult to recall a NBA player having a better start to the season. While Westbrook is a player who doesn’t need much motivation, he has always played the game like a surprisingly graceful wrecking ball, he looks like someone who has something to prove to the entire basketball world. Which he does.

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