Russell Westbrook to sign $85 million contract extension with Thunder: Is any professional athlete worth $85 million?

  • Yes. It is for the team owner to decide

    How much the athlete (employee) is worth is up for the team owner (employer) to decide, not us. It is no different from any other job except minimum wage job which the gov't continuously want to force employer to pay above what the employee and employer agreed upon. If an employee doesn't like their wages they are free to find another job. So in the case of professional athlete they can go sign with another team. Obviously Thunder's owner think Westbrook is worth $85 million and that's all that matters. If you don't agree, you are free to voice your displeasure with action by not buying Thunder merchandise and go to their game.

  • Yes, a professional athlete could be worth $85.

    A professional athlete is worth whatever a team is willing to pay him. Teams decide how much athletes are worth based on the amount of value they create for the team. Therefore, yes, an athlete like Russell Westbrook could be worth $85 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook is one of the best players in the NBA. This makes him very valuable to the Thunder.

  • Athletes are worth mega money

    Athletes are worth what they get paid. Russell Westbrook signed an $85 million contract extension with the Thunder. Professional sports teams bring in a lot of money through ticket sales, concessions, and apparel sales. Westbrook makes the team better, which improves attendance and related sales. Therefore, when figuring out an athletes value, someone can be worth $85 million.

  • I don't think so

    Their skill is not one that the world needs I do understand they provide entertainment and there is a lot of revenue From ticket sals jersey sales and such but at the end of the day they can jump high run fast and push things no disrespect but I just don't think so

  • I do not agree that any professional athlete is worth $85 million.

    I have never understood how professional athletes are paid astronomical amounts. Each year million-dollar contracts seem to exceed those of previous years. Is sports entertainment really that valuable to us? For this reason I am not a fan of most professional sports; I prefer college sports where athletes play for school pride and tradition. Granted, there have been cases of corruption and bribery in college athletics but always less prevalent than in professional sports.

  • No professional athlete is worth $85 million.

    The amount that professional athletes are payed is absurd. No one needs $85 million dollars, and they especially don't need it if it was payed for a sports contract. What does this athlete do that makes him worth $85 million? He doesn't bring that revenue in ticket sales alone, so it must be for advertising reasons. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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