• If it s what is good for the country!

    We see that in many countries that pornography is harming youth, it is teaching our young men especially that their identity is bound up in sex. If we look at it from a humanitarian stand point we see that porn is directly related to the sex trafficking industry, so through looking at pornography you support the selling of a women into sex slavery, or a child! It is also incredibly degrading to women! So I can understand the whole freedom of press, speech and information idea but in certain instances like this where it is harmful to the peoples very being I think it is ok to censor the internet.

  • In some cases they should.

    The unsavory parts of the internet are scary because they are potentially available to everyone, including children. While governments shouldn't restrict free speech, they should be able to moderate it so that no one is harmed. Censorship is needed to keep the bullies at bay, even if the decision to censor appears unpopular.

  • Some things do require Government intervention

    Internet is a free place for all, but in some cases, where someone is cyber bullied, or some website harm's the other person. It is required that Government intervenes and censors/ bans it.
    Even though I have no interest in pornhubs, I do not see why they should be banned.

  • They already do???

    Try searching child porn or hitmanforhigher on google? On bing? To the 75% of you who said no and government should never be allowed to "overstep our rights" by censoring the internet... Man shoulda said that 20 years ago... Or just hop on Tor.
    BTW the only reason why i said no is because i dont like the idea of how they are openly doing this in more countries.

  • Governments should not censor the internet.

    If there is something criminal happening, they can find the source and shut it down from there.

    It gets more complicated when things are legal in one country, the source, and illegal in another. However, even then I don't think that any government should censor the internet.

    A censored internet is a broken internet.

  • That entirely goes against what the internet is about

    The internet is meant to be about free exchange of information and materials. If you censor it, even slightly, then that is an infringement on the rights of the individual. For instance, Wikileaks shouldn't be censored or taken down, because it promotes freedom of information, something the government is very against. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of stuff was censored by the government that we didn't know about because, very simply, the governments of the Five Eyes aren't exactly insistent on enforcing human rights

  • Government should never be allowed to censor the Internet

    The Internet is a place of free flow of information by normal people. When these people witness crimes against citizens that the media is not covering, they share it on the internet to get the word out. Free information is essential to keeping corruption in check and fighting back against a biased media. The Government will censor and ban anything that they don't want you to see, that means anything that exposes corruption, crimes against its citizens, oppression and more. The Government will only allow viewing of material that supports their agenda. You can't fight back against what you don't know about.

  • No, governments should not censor the internet

    No, governments should not censor the internet because we should have the freedom to receive and absorb the information we want. If the internet is censored, governments may begin to censor the media. Once governments have too much control over our information, we cannot make informed decisions for ourselves anymore.

  • Government should not censor the Internet

    Under no circumstances should governments censor the Internet. Governments already exceed its a authority in terms of censorship and otherwise restricting the free flow of information. The Internet is one of the last bastions of freely flowing information and should not be subject to any government control. People are more than capable of protecting themselves on the Internet.

  • No, government should not censor the internet

    No, government should not censor the internet. Information out there should be free and available for everyone. The only person who should be able to censor information is the person who creates the information. Why should the government have any control over the information that people consume? THe seems like an overstepping of responsibility. The government should not act as our parents.

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