Russian fighter jet makes 'unsafe' intercept of U.S. aircraft: Is Russia a threat to our safety?

  • Yes, Russia is a threat to our safety.

    Russia is becoming a growing threat to the safety of America. Russian jets routinely buzz U.S. Navy ships, as well as intercept fighter jets. These incidents could easily escalate to an armed conflict between the two countries. Russian aggression is increasingly threatening the security of America. The United States military is going to have to draft a response to counter Russian aggression.

  • Yes, Russia poses a threat to US safety.

    Russian fighter jets frequently approach US planes in dangerous and reckless maneuvers that threaten the immediate safety of those planes, increasing opportunities for collisions. Putin behaves like a schoolyard bully, harassing America in every possible manner in attempts to provoke retaliation. Of course, retaliation would lead to engaging us with Russia in a struggle from which neither side could hope to emerge unscathed. It is a dangerous game; a game we do not want to play.

  • Yes, Russia is a threat to our safety.

    Yes, Russia is a threat to our safety because they have one of the most highly-developed militaries in the world. It will be important for the next president to keep a close eye on Putin and the entire Russian country. We must always maintain a steady relationship with the country to avoid disaster.

  • Russia is not a threat to our safety

    Russia is not a threat to the safety of the United States. Although Russia has made several intercepts of U.S. aircraft, this is relatively harmless. The United States has a bigger technological advantage, and can do more harm to Russia. We also have a stronger economy, helping to boost our society and resources.

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