Russian membership in the WTO: Should Russia gain membership in the WTO?

  • Yes, the more the better.

    Yes, Russia should gain membership in the WTO, because more trade is better. Even for the country that produces a good more slowly, being able to trade labor makes everyone more efficient, even the person who is the slower producer. Russia would open itself up to the West and development, and all nations would be richer. Russia has good capabilities in industry and the world should take advantage of it.

  • Russia Should Not Be Allowed in the WTO

    After 18-19 years of negotiation, Russia is a member of the World Trade Organization. Due to the fact that Russia is a difficult place to do business, many feel that Russia should not be a member of the WTO. Additionally, Russia's treatment of rogue governments, people they consider dissidents, and some other poor political decisions all add up to many Americans, myself included, believing that Russia does not deserve a place in the WTO.

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