Russian scientists trapped in Arctic by polar bears face month-long wait for rescue. Should scientists stop going to the Arctic?

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  • Science is hazardous!

    All scientists know that science is a very dangerous thing. Sometimes you deal with violent chemical reactions, and sometimes you need to perfectly calibrate your equipment to stop one. These scientists that went to the Artic knew what they were getting themselves into, and they will have some great stories to tell once they finally get home.

  • No, they just need to prepare a little better.

    It's important to do research in the Arctic and all over the world. We need to learn as much as we can about this planet. These scientists are in a dire situation, but that doesn't mean that we should stop sending scientists into the Arctic. We just need to make sure that they are prepared before they go.

  • We learn a lot from Arctic research

    Studies done in the Arctic help us all understand more about our past and future. Studies done there about global warning are crucial to understanding the future effects of climate change. We also learn a great deal about earth's past from the research done on deep ice and ice flow patterns.

  • No, they should not.

    Being afraid of a little danger is not a reason to stop doing something. The scientists knew their were risks before they left, although being trapped by polar bears may not have been on thier list of fears. Maybe the rescuers should not have rescued them, but that is a differnt question.

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