Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova's tarred reputation: do you think Efimova should be judged by her past?

  • Yes, Yulia Efimova should be judged by her past.

    Doping completely destroys the very idea of competitive sportsmanship. Those caught doing this should be barred indefinitely from competitions as global and illustrious as The Olympics. One could argue that any prior success might have always only been a product of them cheating in the first place, placing an asterisk beside the accomplishments that led them to olympic competition in the first place.

  • Yulia Efimova should be judged by her past

    Yulia Efimova should be judged by her past. She used banned substances knowingly in an attempt to improve her performance. This is not fair to all those that compete fairly and on a level playing field. Until she proves herself a model citizen, it is fair to judge her based on her history.

  • Give her another chance

    Give her another chance. Although people have to pay for their mistakes, and she was a little humiliated publicly, it is time for everyone to move on. She will probably be subject to many drug tests now, so I think that will keep her on the straight and narrow. I think the American swimmer who called her out should not have said anything. It just made her look tacky.

  • No, she should not.

    The Olympics are a sporting event, where atletes from around the world are scored and judged based on their athletic abilty. Efimova should be granted the same courtesy as all the other athletes, and she should be judged on her ablity as a swimmer and the rest should be ignored.

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