Russians bomb US base: Do you think that the US was right in giving in to Russia's demands after this air strike?

  • Yes, they were right.

    The US needs to protect its assets, and stay an ally to Russia as much as possible. For now, that means giving into the demands of Russia regarding this recent air strike. It is an important and neccesary thing in order to keep the peace and keep another war from starting.

  • Yes, the US was correct in giving in to Russia's demands after the air strike

    Yes, the US was correct in giving in to Russia's demands after the air strike. The US and Russia do not need to get into an armed conflict. If giving in to Russia's demand can help to avoid armed conflict then the US should give in as long as the country does not have to sacrifice too much.

  • Yes, it is always smart to prevent further conflict

    While the USA is a country famous for its military prowess, it would be unreasonable to risk the well being of its citizens for a disagreement with another country. It is great that the USA gave in to Russia's demands instead of fighting back and making the conflict worse than it originally was.

  • No, I don't think that giving in to demands after an air strike is a wise course of action.

    No, I don't think that the U.S. should have given in to Russia's demands following the air strike. Giving in to violence could invite more violence. Instead, nations should host diplomatic meetings to talk and negotiate. Military action of this type is equivalent to bullying, and that is not the right solution.

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