Russians don't like to smile because it is deemed a sign of stupidity. Do cultural differences cause problems with government leaders?

  • We don't all smile in the same language.

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  • Yes, cultural differences can cause problems between leaders.

    Since cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings between world leaders, politicians must be coached about the norms in other countries. I never knew that Russians don't like to smile, so I would probably feel that people were unfriendly if I was not aware of that fact. Of course, politicians have staffs that are supposed to keep them apprised of issues of this kind.

  • Yes, cultural differences do cause controversey amonst government leaders.

    Cultural differences between nations definitely has a direct correlation to issues that arise between government leaders. Russia for example doesn't like to smile because they deem it as a sign of stupidity, however Americans typically greet with a smile and a handshake which can be highly offensive to a Russian if taken out of the cultural context. Pointing is something that is an American thing to do, however in other parts of the world point is seen as both rude and in some cases is a form of vulgarity. Cultural differences definitely cause problems to arise, but if you educate yourself o the culture in which you are dealing with, especially as a government official, very little problems should arise.

  • yes, smile is one the best shared sign of humanity

    Smile is an expression of inner harmony, wholeness, beauty and optimism, to name just a few positive qualities.
    If you watch children, you'll see that they smile without a reason. Just because they're happy. Is that "falsehood"? On the contrary, pure authenticity. This is what we need in this day and age. If everyone ends up waiting for an outside reason, it may be an eternal wait.
    Thank God for children, animals and people who smile "unreasonably"!

  • Yes, cultural differences may causes problems between government leaders.

    Cultural differences may cause misunderstandings between government leaders, thereby damaging relationships and taking the spotlight off of important issues. However, it really isn't necessary for that to happen. Savvy leaders should surround themselves with intelligent and knowledgeable advisers who make it their business to study the cultural behaviors of leaders with whom they are scheduled to meet. Thorough knowledge and observance of appropriate manners should be practiced to prevent uncomfortable incidents. While cultural differences may cause problems between government leaders, it is thoroughly unnecessary to allow that to happen.

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