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  • Nope, payment for idiocy

    Ryan Lochte did it to himself with his lying tongue. His advertisers are jumping ship as quickly as possible. Who wants a pathological liar representing their brand. It was a completely unnecessary, self-inflicted wound. It will be a lesson learned for him. Too bad it's such a harsh one. Don't lie and embarrass your country next time.

  • No, this is not too harsh.

    It is not too harsh for Ryan Lochte to lose his advertising contracts. Brands are worried that the negative press Lochte is receiving could hurt their product sales. These are legitimate concerns too, as many consumers are upset at what Lochte did in Rio. Therefore, brands have a right to sever ties with the Olympic swimmer because of his involvement in a false robbery report.

  • Ryan Lochte loss of ads is not too harsh

    Ryan Lochte's loss of sponsorships is not too harsh. Companies have to uphold their reputations, and his is tarnished badly. His account of events was proven false, and he appears to be covering up a drunken escapade. Worse, he was the oldest person in the group, and should have been the leader.

  • Ryan Lochte deserves to be punished

    The American swimmer Ryan Lochte was involved in a now-infamous incident where he was allegedly robbed while at the Rio Olympics at 2016. However, it now appears that he made up the incident. Now he's losing advertising gigs, which is the only justified response to an athlete who can't be trusted.

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