Sagamihara stabbings: 19 dead and 45 wounded. Should the attacker be put to death?

  • It depends on the law of the land.

    I cannot say whether or not a person should be put to death. even if its a murderer. It depends on the country he is tried in. If they have the death penalty in that country then the courts will decide what to do with him. I personally would rather see him behind bars for life instead however.

  • Sagamihara stabber should be killed

    A killer in Sagamihira, Japan stabbed 19 individuals to death and wounded 45 others. This killer should be sentenced to death as retribution for the pain and anguish that they inflicted on an innocent community. No serial killer - or stabber, as the case may be - should be allowed to live.

  • Yes, the attacker should be put to death.

    The Sagamihara stabbing attacker killed 19 and wounded 45. The attacker should be sentenced to death for this violent attack. Governments should not spend taxpayer money keeping violent criminals alive that will never be reformed and put back into society. There is no way to reform someone that brutally kills and wounds so many. Therefore, society is better off putting the attacker to death.

  • Yes, this deserves the death penalty

    Yes, a person who has intentionally murdered and wounded so many people deserves to die. This kind of behavior is beyond rehabilitation, and it is not worth the cost of maintaining the attackers life to keep him alive. It could be argued that the attacker is insane, but they are clearly too dangerous to be trusted around other humans.

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