Sale of human organs for transplants: Is private sale a better approach than expensive state provision?

  • Our organs, our sale

    A private sale of organs is much better than the current state provision. Most of us have two working kidneys. Why aren't we able to see an extra kidney for some extra cash? Who is the government to tell us we aren't allow to sell something we aren't using anyway? There is concern that the poor would be exploited if this were legal. I am a United States citizen whom has never been on any type of government assistance and I would be more than willing to sell an extra kidney for the right price. Why are we letting people die while waiting for kidney while we are having these stupid debates?

  • Private Organ Sales a Decent Idea

    Allowing the sale of human organs for transplants makes sense in many ways. More than likely, this solution would work better than the current system implemented by most states. However, such an option would have to be properly regulated to avoid illicit activities. There's a reason the state controls organ donors after all.

  • Private sale of human organs for transplants isn't a bad idea.

    Private sale of human organs for transplants is a better approach than expensive state provision because of the fact that it adds an option and doesn't detract anything. People should have choices, and a less expensive approach is always much better than a more expensive one when a life is at stake.

  • No it is not safer

    I do not think that private sale of human organs for transplant is safer than expensive state provision. I think it is better to allow private sales. There are many good parts of private sales. However, I do not think that it is a safer method. It increases dangers that come from having a black market for human organs. It also creates an unsafe environment for harvesting human organs and transporting and transplanting them.

  • Black Market Organs Increase

    The private sale of human organs for transplantation isn't a good idea because then a black market for human organs will only get worse. There are horror stories (probably an urban legend) of people who are knocked unconscious only to wake up to find a kidney missing. If private organ sales become the norm, that type of thing will become more popular.

  • No, private sale would victimize patients

    First of all, there's no reason to say that state provision is any more expensive than private sale. Administrative costs surely push the price up, but turning to strictly private sales of organs would be disastrous to those in need. It would lead to a system that favors the rich, which is obviously not a good thing.

  • No, probably not.

    Despite not knowing much about transplants of human organs, it sounds like it would be safer in the long run to stay with the expenses of state provision. Make sure everything is done correctly and professionally. In the long run it may cost more, but it may prevent future issues.

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