• Bradford can lead the Vikings to a winning season

    Sam Bradford can lead the Minnesota Vikings to a winning season. The team is now 2-0, after beating a very good Green Bay Packers team this past week. He is a good quarterback that has only been held back by injuries and will force other defenses to respect Adrian Peterson. In the NFL today, having a good quarterback goes a long way.

  • Yes, he can lead the Vikings to a winning season.

    Yes, he can lead the Vikings to a winning season because he proved it last night. He helped beat one of the best teams in football and he barely knows the team's plays at this point. Once he settles in, he will be a real threat as quarterback in this league.

  • Sure, if he continues to play well

    There is more to a football team than just the quarterback. However, the QB is one of the most critical players in the game. He is the one that makes the plays and has to act quickly and accurately. Bradford looks to be in good form, and has a great shot at leading the Vikings to a winning season.

  • Sam Bradford will lead the vikings to a winning season

    The Vikings are off to a great start this year and there is no reason to think that they will not have a winning season. They have already won on the road and beaten their rival Green Bay. There is also no reason to suspect Sam Bradford will lose his role as starting quarterback.

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