• Yes, cell phones are safe.

    The vast majority of cell phones are safe to use. Yes, Samsung is recalling its Galaxy 7 Note, but this is a rare exception, not the norm. Most cell phone users will never encounter any injuries from using their phones. Therefore, consumers do not need to worry that much over the safety of their cell phones.

  • They are very safe

    Around the world, billions of people are using smartphones every single day without major incident. This is simply a case of Samsung being overly cautious so ensure there's no bad PR. Other companies issue product recalls all the time for a variety of reasons, and I expect that we'll see this in the future too. It's simply part of rolling out new products, especially time-sensitive products like smartphones.

  • Cell Phones Can Be Considered Dangerous

    Cell phones have not been around long enough for studies to accurately show how dangerous they are. Cell phones emit radio waves or radiofrequency energy which could pose a health risk to humans after long-term exposure. In addition, cell phones are like any other electrical or batter-powered device which, if made from inferior materials, could cause them to explode, start on fire, etc. And lastly, the amount that adults are using their cell phones has greatly increased since their introduction causing a change in the way that people interact socially. This social change may prove to hurt us more than help us.

  • No, cell phones have the potential to be dangerous.

    While cell phones have greatly improved the ways we communicate, they have also created many new hazards. For instance, it is difficult to ignore a cell phone when it rings, even if we are on the road. Drivers who look at their cell phones for texts and calls often lose focus of the cars and people around them.

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