Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants in US: Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants in US?

  • Sanctuary is a time honored tradition.

    Illegal immigrants are here for a variety of reasons. Many of them have to escape economic injustice and some have been persecuted in their own lands. Sanctuary is a time honored tradition found in most cultures. If a city wanted to provide that for its illegal immigrants and receive others, then it would be providing a humane service and part of the answer to the problem.

  • Sanctuary cities are a good idea.

    Sanctuary cities are a good idea. America was built on the ideal tht any one can come here from any where and find a better life here. There needs to be a place for these people to go when they arrive in American so that they can receive help, and that's why sanctuary cities are needed.

  • They are illegal

    These people are called ILLEGAL immigrants. Illegal means that the government finds this person or action to be against the constitution. These people go against the constitution, the document which was the base of our country. It's true we should help those seeking our aid overseas, but, we can do that by other means, such as providing refugee camps overseas. Also, if these illegal immigrants. Want to have better opportunities and want to be part of the American community, why couldn't they, when they had the chance,, go through the process,, like a proper, honest, person?

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