Sanders approves of decision to end federal use of private prisons: Is this decision a good idea?

  • The feds decision to no longer use private prisons is a good one

    The federal government will no longer use private prisons, which is a good decision. Studies have shown private prisons were not shown to provide any cost savings. The government also loses a measure of control by outsourcing the function. It is important to maintain guidelines are being met in a prison system.

  • Yes it is.

    This is a good decision. If there is an acceptance that crime shouldn't pay, then it shouldn't pay when incarcerating criminals either.
    Those who face the death penalty are often faced with the more appealing option being forced to to imprisoned for the rest of their lives. If loss of liberty is the next worst thing to being put to death, then this liberty should remain the responsibility of the Federal or State authority that prescribed this sentence and not tendered out to the cheapest bid for the minimum amount of dignity and human rights a state can tender for the care of its most vulnerable citizens.

  • Yes, ending the use of private prisons is a good decision.

    Bernie Sanders is right to support an end to the federal use of private prisons. The Federal government locks up too many non-violent offenders. The government should not be sending inmates to private prisons for incarceration. Instead, the government should be focused on criminal justice reform and decriminalizing less dangerous substances like marijuana: stop locking up people who are not a threat to society.

  • Yes ending use of private prisons is a sound choice

    Private prisons are there to make a profit and not to safeguard the public from criminals. These prisons take shortcuts in staffing as well as other precautions in order to make the most return on their investment. Federal prisons should be run by the government with properly trained and paid staff and to make sure that there are no questionable decisions being made with an eye on profits.

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