Sanders backer kicked off floor: is the Democratic National Party skewed to favor Hillary?

  • Yes, the DNP is favoring Clinton.

    Yes, the Democratic National Party is skewed to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. While I understand the need for a unified front in order to defeat Donald Trump, it is not right to kick Sanders supporters off the floor. They have a right to be there and voice their opinions, too.

  • The lack of media attention to Sanders promotes favoritism towards Hillary.

    People were in love with Sanders from the very start. He had a huge following. Most of the questions and time went towards other candidates during the debates. There was heavy focus on Hillary as compared to Sanders. Political news coverage seemed to spend very little time on Sanders, while hanging on every move Clinton made. Sanders, even with his massive following, faded into the background. The media forced the idea upon society that this election will be between Hillary and Trump, right from the beginning.

  • Democratic Party process favors Hillary

    From superdelegates to party insiders, the Democratic Party has shown that their favorite choice was Hillary Clinton. This was confirmed by the emails revealed just last week. Sanders' backers should have been given their opportunity to speak, and rather than continuing on with business, the unfairness of the process needed to be dealt with. No one who is part of the Democratic Party should be kicked off the floor unless they are causing an extreme disruption.

  • Yes, the emails and audio files show that.

    Bernie Sanders supporters claimed that the Democratic primary was skewed in favor of Hillary for months, but Clinton supporters and others called them conspiracy theorists and misogynists. Well, it turns out they were right. However, no one seems to care. Clinton supporters continue to attack Sanders supporters, even though it's clear that the race was unfair. All of this should show that our election process needs to be re-examined. Our political parties are just not working.

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