• Yes, Sanders' delegates should pay their own way

    Delegates attending the Democratic National Convention must have the money to pay their own way. This information has been well-known for a long time. Many of Bernie Sanders' delegates are shocked that they need money to attend the convention. However, these delegates should still have to pay their own way just like Hillary Clinton's delegates must pay their own way.

  • Yes, Sanders lost

    Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders lost the election and there is no reason is delegates should get a free ride to Philadelphia. All delegates — even superdelegates — have to pay their expenses to attend the Democratic National Convention. There is no reason that the rules should be changed to assist Sanders' delegates.

  • Yes, everyone should pay their own way

    When able, I truly believe that delegates should be paying their own way. Bill Clinton removed the restriction on private campaign funding in presidential races, and things have gone whack. Most presidential candidates are sitting firmly in the pockets of some of the wealthier people in the world, such as the Coch brothers. People should not be indebted to the Man (capital-M) and the Man should not be indebted to any private parties.

  • No, they should not have to pay.

    Many of Sanders delegates are working class people. It does not make sense for them to have to fight so hard to get to the national convention and to be delegates, only to find out that they can not afford to go and represent Sanders. This goes against everything he stands for.

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