Saudi Arabia appears to be using white phosphorus in Yemen. Is Saudi Arabia committing a war crime?

  • They are aggressive.

    Saudi Arabia claims to be a friend of the West, but it is insincere. Saudi Arabia also harbored most of the terrorists of 9-11. It is a war crime to use white phosphorus in Yemen. Saudi Arabia wants to throw their weight around because they are rich and powerful, but they are hurting innocent people.

  • Yes, Saudi Arabia is committing a war crime.

    Yes, Saudi Arabia is committing a war crime and they are trying to cover it as best they can. They should clearly explain what they are doing in order to avoid these accusations; without explaining themselves, we should assume that they are doing something illegal and we must get more information.

  • No, I don`t think so..

    Why are those awful Sauds buying their armaments from the US? I thought Britain was selling them - and wallowing in guilt for the privilege.That's interesting to know, but I find it hard to believe as ISIS has been attacking Saudi Arabia for the past two years which caused many deaths to citizens as well as policemen. We have to stop pointing fingers at the wrong person because this is exactly what ISIS wants us to do so they can keep playing their dirty games.

  • No, not yet.

    It's not a war crime to simply collect things that could be used as a weapon. There are other things that white phosphorus could be used for besides creating explosives, so they could be stockpiling it for other reasons. It might however, be against a treaty that have signed to stockpile it.

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yadayada says2016-09-23T09:17:19.117
What the hell do you think we used in Viet Nam.