Saudi women launch Twitter campaign demanding an end to male guardianship. Will Saudi Arabia ever treat women equally?

  • Yes, I believe it will eventually.

    Human rights have to be embedded into the fabric of a country; otherwise, a class of disenfranchised or oppressed people will inevitably form. Saudi Arabian culture will have to change, but it's more important that woman gain civil/ legal rights first. Still, worse institutions have been abolished, so I have no doubt that Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the same proverbial boat, will come around on women's rights issues.

  • Women Fighting will Overcome

    As long as there are women willing to put their lives at risk for their human rights and for the human rights of future generations of women, then there is always a chance that women will be treated equally eventually. It may be a long process, but they will get there with the right determination and protests and unification among women.

  • Saudi Arabia will treat women equally

    Saudi Arabia will eventually treat women equally. Technology is a great equalizer, with many able to see the outside world and express themselves. Saudi women have taken to Twitter to demand an end to male guardianship. This spreads the word to the entire world, and places pressure on the monarchy to change.

  • Of course, Twitter and elsewhere as well

    Americans used to have people of dark color as slaves, it has since been abolished through their very own efforts and commitments, and isn't that what male guardianship is also? There are societies, apparently, that do still have ownership/guardianship over another human being so in the year 2016 it may be necessary to launch a Twitter campaign, a Facebook campaign, a media frenzy on the topic, whatever it takes and lets see traditions and male dominance wilt away.

  • Who should treat them equally? Equal wit what/whom?

    It's a trick question. Who should treat women equal? Equal to what ? Let me translate: arab males should treat women as they treat arab males. Sound stupid, right? That is because in some culture, living beings are segregated in two major groups: those ho can (have bigger guns, bigger muscles, bigger penis etc) and those who don't. The first make the rules. The latest protest. It's a simple, primitive way of thinking - but works for them! The bad news is they try to export this philosophy. Successfully I might say, which means that the importing countries are not in fact that civilized as they think.

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