• Yes, punishment must always fit the offense

    Punishment is unlike reacting to an event in that it is performed after events take place and after deliberation. When a person reacts to an event as it occurs, he may act in a way that is considered extreme in retrospect, but this is often understandable given the context. A frequent example occurs when police stop speeding vehicles. Although a speeding ticket does not warrant an armed response, the officers carry their weapons with them in the event something happens during the encounter with the driver of the speeding vehicle which requires the threat of deadly force.

    In the case of the School Director in Isaan, none of these considerations apply, because the punishment was handed down after events had taken place. Already knowing what was going on, a beating to the point of death was clearly beyond a reasonable response for the actions of the student.

  • Hitting a child to the point of sensory loss is abuse.

    A child was hit repeatedly by a school director because he was too tired to stand for the anthem. There are other ways to handle a situation like this without abuse. Hitting a child is not proper discipline, ESPECIALLY if the child has special needs. The director even admitted guilt as he tried to pay off the family. Abuse should not be tolerated. Disrespect for your country should not be tolerated either, but it should not be punishable by such heavy handed abuse.

  • Yes, the punishment went too far.

    Yes, the punishment went too far because the child was left deaf. It makes no sense for a school director or teacher to punish someone else's child. The child should have been sent home before any punishments were leveled in school. The director should be fired immediately for his actions.

  • Yes, thats abuse.

    That is not even close to a punishment, it is an abuse, a criminal act that should be prosecuted. There is prescribed measure of punishment that a teacher should administer to a pupil, it should just be enough for a kid to handle. the punishment should not bring physical harm. The pupil was only 11 years old for crying out loud!

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