• Reaally is this an acctuall debate

    Why are uniforums neded in shcoll they just maki us hoooooot thiss nedds too bee stoped now other wised i willl sue mys school we shoold beiing wearings frees dresses like in america why just letss uss weare ur own choothes please justs dos itsa big problem and it needs to be stopwd

  • Let children have individuality

    Children should be allowed to express themselves. Throughout our school lives, we are told to be unique and stand out from the crowd, but how can we do that if any shred of personality we have is stamped on. We are forced to conform to unnecessary regulations for the sake of uniformity, even though we are all very different and express this differently. Instead of blaming bullying victims for what they wear, we should teach respect for everyone, despite their choice of dress. The price of school uniforms is often extortionate, poorer children being punished for not being able to afford expensive blazers whilst I think a basic dress code is necessary, constricting children to a single outfit to wear for years on end is completely unneeded.

  • No school uniform should not be banned

    No it should not be banned as it looks everyone equal even rich or poor also the children will not be fashionably in school it also looks decent and smart to everyone. Anyways should be disciplined in our life and even if we cannot wear a school dress we are not disciplined so homework are very much necessary

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