• Yes to unifrom!

    I think it will help with stop some people getting bullied. And bullying is a huge problem these days, so we should do everything we can to stop it! It also saves a alot of time in the morning, because you know excatly what to put on. I would love to wear a uniform!

  • Is School for developing individuality or is school used to develop the mind?

    A common misconception is that we shouldn't have uniforms in school because it prohibits individuality. If school is for individually then yes I agree no uniforms, but no. School is for developing the human mind not to develop individuality. Without school uniforms you have a school with severe problems with immodesty and a school with a terrible learning environment. A school in Utah had uniforms one semester and no uniforms the next. Between the two semesters the average students grade piont average dropped significantly. Therefore students need uniforms and school is not for expressing individuality it's for learning!!!

  • School uniforms promote a learning environment

    School uniforms promote a learning environment by subtracting key detractors to student education such as fashion or class indicators. They also put students on the same level by eliminating socio-economic indicators. School uniforms also promote the primary reason that students attend school, which is to learn. There are far more pros to school uniforms than cons.

  • Yes for uniforms.

    All schools up to high school should have required school uniforms. There has been plenty of studies and research that show that schools that have required uniforms have much higher test score then schools that do not. School uniforms help prevent distraction and help the student focus on learning the material.

  • Uniforms take some of the focus off clothing

    If students wear uniforms, it limits how much time they have to spend getting ready for school. Uniforms can act as reminders of the school culture and values. Since they are often ugly, they provide a good bonding experience. Also they take the focus off clothing, so there's less worrying about wearing pricey, trendy, or inappropriate clothes. Finally, uniforms are durable, so there are fewer school clothing expenditures for parents.

  • School uniforms are good.

    School uniforms are good because they allow everyone in a school to be equal. If students have to chose their own outfits, some kids can buy more expensive clothes than others. Kids shouldn't have to worry about these things when they are at school. They should focus on their classes.

  • Cheaper easy can still express style

    1) They are significantly cheaper. Many students can't afford to buy clothes to wear every single day.
    Or fashionable clothes for that matter.
    Uniforms just makes things easier and no one will judge for your clothes.

    2) depending on how strict the school is you can usually still express your style with uniforms
    for example jewellery.

  • Kids should not have to wear uniforms.

    Kids dont need all this, to us ( public schools) it means that people who wear uniforms they get better education and have better behavior. Also this looks like they have more money and has less behavior issues then other public schools. This is why i dont think kids needs uniforms or should wear them even if you got to any privet schools and public schools.

  • Kids should not have to wear uniforms.

    Kids dont need all this, to us ( public schools) it means that people who wear uniforms they get better education and have better behavior. Also this looks like they have more money and has less behavior issues then other public schools. This is why i dont think kids needs uniforms or should wear them even if you got to any privet schools and public schools.

  • Yes yes yes

    Have you thought how people felt when someone bullies you, if you hadn't then WAKE UP AND GET IN THE REAL WORLD PEOPLES!!!!!!! How do think it would feel to get bullied because of your clothes sometimes people bully other people and don't even realize if you understand then say YES

  • Kids will still get bully no matter what they wear

    Kids will AWAYS find a way to bully other children,like by there hair style,weight,what they smell like and many more.It would be a miracle if all kids stop judging each other.Wearing uniforms is a waste of time,kids get bullied about almost anything.So there is no point of uniforms the end

  • Identifying Students with Uniforms

    Students can be harder to identify if the teacher, or other student does not see the other student's face. Students might be running in the halls and if the teacher does not see their face, they may not be able to identify the student. Overall, I think this is reason enough not to have school uniforms.

  • Uniforms are to much money

    Uniforms take money out of parents pockets. You might say "who cares how much they cost". Well I have to tell you parents care they need the money that their using for taxes,bill, and rent. Their going to look back back and say "I wish I didn't use that money. Their going to need that money to buy food and water. So all parents take it from me send your kids to a school without uniforms because they cost to MUCH $$$ .

  • No- School Uniforms

    School uniforms will not help improve behavior and will not reduce peer pressure. Kids don't want to wear the same clothes everyday, besides it will use up lots of energy in the washing machine. Some adults like going school shopping with their kids to see what their look is. School uniforms can turn kids into soulless conformists.

  • Express your uniqueness

    You are yourself and you should not be forced to wear something you dont like. Yes it does prevent bullying on that subject but it just makes bullying heavier in other subjects. Also they are expensive for your parents and why buy more clothes when you already have clothes. BE You !

  • Lack of Individuality

    I say no to school uniforms. I believe kids & teens should have the right to express themselves out & inside school. We shouldn't have to be casual for nothing. Sure, it lessens bullying. But I'd rather be bullied for what I choose to wear rather than be accepted for what I'm forced to wear.

  • No to uniforms.

    Wearing a school uniforms is very strict and you can't really express yourself well. Not many jobs has a strict uniform that you must wear all the time. I think that there should be a dress code so that students always look professional and not like they are having out at the mall, but not necessarily a uniform.

  • I say no.

    I think that school uniforms are appropriate in some cases, but overall I don't approve of school uniforms. I think that it stunts the creativity of students. Children and especially teenagers really enjoy finding a way to dress that expresses their personality. I don't think that this should be taken away from them.

  • It makes kids more rebellious

    I'm a high school senior at a school with uniforms and I think the prohibition of wearing your own clothes makes kids more rebellious. Once a month we have a day where we can wear anything we want and kids go all out. They will were inappropriate clothing or put too much emphasis on what they are wearing and that distracts from school work. Meanwhile, if kids get to wear what they want everyday, they just wear sweatpants and hoodies and don't care. Many more schools are leaning towards uniforms because they think that it will make more parents want to enroll their kid in that school but I think it's ridiculous that we base a school's reputation on uniforms because there are always going to be rebellious teenagers and uniforms only make teen rebellion worse.

  • No it should not

    It could possibly be an option but I for one say no. Each person is an individual and as such should be able to express our individuality. There are uniforms that all students may not agree with because it is not of their taste. We should be allowed to express our own individual taste and style.

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