Scientists ask Australia to curtail coal in order to save the Great Barrier Reef. Can coal be made cleaner?

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  • No, coal can not be made cleaner

    No, coal can not be made cleaner. The burning of coal s detrimental to the environment and it has been for some time. It makes little sense to believe that the use of coal can be made cleaner. Coal needs to be replaced with renewable energy. Furthermore, if Australia does not stop burning coal, the Great Barrier Reef will be destroyed.

  • Coal can't, but maybe there is an alternative?

    Coal as a resource is running out, slowly but surely. Instead of trying to make coal cleaner, I would suggest that an alternative is found. Australia has so many deserts and open spaces that it must be a future idea to use solar power energy to help generate more power.

  • Dirty coal will remain dirty coal

    The burning of coal is one of the "dirtiest" sources of fuel based on the pollution this process creates. There is no easy fix to this. Even if coal was made "cleaner," it will always be environmentally detrimental. Because of this, I think that nobody should attempt to solve the coal crisis.

  • Coal probably cannot be made cleaner than it already is.

    I don't believe coal can be made cleaner than it already is. However, disposing of the pollution caused by coal could probably be explored and dealing with that in order to minimize the environmental effects of coal might be beneficial for the country. I am not sure if this might be what the question is asking about.

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