Scientists Have Identified the Mechanism That Decides Between Cell Death and Genome Repair. Is this a good discovery?

  • Yes, this is a good discovery.

    Yes, this is a good discovery because any new gain in the scientific community is positive. While we may not fully understand the difference between the two scientific terms, scientists will be able to use this information to improve all of our lives. It will lead to cures to many diseases.

  • Yes, its a step closer to preventing and treating cancer

    The discovery of that has identified the mechanism that decides between cell death and genome repair is a good discovery. It is a mile stone move in reducing the cases of cancer. Scientist can now understand why a cell decides to die or repair and this will also help understand the dynamics involved in aging.

  • New genome discovery a breakthrough

    Scientists have now discovered what the mechanism is for deciding cell death and genome repair. This is an incredible discovery because now that mechanism can be manipulated in ways that are beneficial for mankind's health and well-being. It could also lead to even more discoveries about the life of cells, which would further speed scientific progress.

  • It will help repair cells.

    Scientists can use this new discovery to develop medicines that aid in genome repair. Perhaps this will slow death and the spread of certain cancers. Every time scientists can isolate a mechanism, they can then develop methods that improve upon the natural process of the body. This will help people live longer lives.

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