Scientists recently found that using marijuana and nicotine together increases memory function: Is this reason enough to legalize marijuana?

  • Marihuana is good.

    Marihuana has a lot of benefits and should have been legalized long ago. It is not a drug, it is a plant that keeps your mind right, helps you focus, intensifies your feelings, makes you stop and really think about things, and most importantly it calms you down. I think the world would be better off if everyone smoked a fat blunt every day.

  • Yes, this is enough.

    This alone is enough to legalize marijuana. Study after study has shown that benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to marijuana. Each little piece of inforamtion that we learn is enough on its own, but when combined it becomes rediculous that it has ever been illegal. Fortunately public perception is changing.

  • No, this is not reason enough to legalize marijuana.

    No, this is not reason enough to legalize marijuana. Marijuana has benefits of it's own that are reason enough for it to be legalized but it should not be used with nicotine. The nicotine would counteract benefits of marijuana because of addictive, and other terrible traits of nicotine and tobacco.

  • Not for this reason.

    This particular reason isn't enough reason to legalize marijuana, but taken together, marijuana has enough medical benefits that it certainly should be legal. It's also not particularly dangerous when used as a recreational drug. Prohibition of marijuana is based on outdated attitudes and claims that it leads to violence, which were never true.

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