Scientology accused of involvement with corrupt dentists: has the religion gone too far?

  • Religion should remain separate from the state AND the workplace

    Every person has their opinion about religion or moral philosophy. While we can't change that, I strongly am of the opinion that these viewpoints should be kept internally and not allowed in schools, the workplace, or in public areas. By having books of scientology in his workplace and pressuring his employees to read them and attend seminars was extremely inappropriate.

    When I lived in Utah I did NOT appreciate how my Mormon neighbors pushed their agenda onto me. The Mormon church is one that is very big into pressuring their male members of 18 - 21 years old to serve a two-year Mormon mission. This mission is essentially their opportunity for recruitment where they go door-to-door and proselytize to whoever opens the door. Missionaries were frequently sent to my house which made me extremely uncomfortable and then bitter.

    As a whole, I think NO religion should be allowed to proselytize as the Mormon and Scientology faiths clearly do. But enforcing this would be quite the challenge.

  • It is a strange religion

    Scientology has been the center of many scandalous stories over the years. It has been made popular by a few eccentric celebrities, and made notorious by many news stories making incredulous claims. I think the religion is a hoax, designed to gain support from people who are easily influenced. The idea of them being involved with corrupt dentists is not necessarily surprising, but certainly puts them farther into unreputable status.

  • The religion went too far long ago.

    I'd say Scientology went too far when they broke into IRS offices, or when they tried to frame a writer for bomb threats, or when they withheld medical care and caused people to die. Involvement with corrupt dentists has happened in the past as well. This is more evidence that Scientology is a scam.

  • Scientology is not religion.

    Scientology is incredibly corrupt. It is not a form of religion. At best, it is a cult, but I believe it's ultimately all about making money. They require participants to give huge sums of money to keep leveling up, which makes them a complete scam. I don't know why anyone falls for it.

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