Scientology and tax exemption: Should the Church of Scientology be tax exempt?

  • It is a non-profit.

    Even though not everyone agrees with the religion of the Church of Scientology, they are no less deserving of tax exemption than any other religious organization. Catholic churches and protestant churches receive tax exemption. The Church of Scientology has the same religious purpose. In the United States all religions should be treated the same under the tax code.

  • The Church of Scientology operates as a religious institution.

    I do believe that the Church of Scientology should be tax exempt, just as other religious institutions are. While this particular institution has been surrounded by much controversy over its beliefs, it still remains a religious institution. If laws are in place that state religious institutions are exempt from taxes, whether or not you agree with the faith, you should honor the word of the law.

  • A cult should not be tax-exempt

    I find it difficult to believe that Scientology is benefiting more people than it's destroying. Does a legitimate church force its members to sever all ties with family members and friends who defect and/or question Scientology? Or does a legitimate church harass ex-members or critics? The Catholic Church does not walk up to ex-members' doorsteps and say, "You're going to Hell". At this point, it seems the only way Scientology will lose its tax exemption is if the IRS determines it does not fulfill their requirements on how churches are supposed to use their money.

  • Should it be tax exempt under law? Technically, yes. Is this morally right? No.

    Religions are like football teams. Some win more and are better than others. I wouldn't call Scientology the Cleveland Browns of religion, but they're pretty darn close.

    Why should investors give just as much money to the Cleveland Browns as the Denver Broncos? Why should us taxpayers give money to this at best, 'shady', institution?

    You can hate Christianity all day, but at least alot of their churches, do more charitable acts than Scientology.

    But maybe I'm wrong about that. If Scientology donates a considerable (More than 30%) of their money to good causes, or most of their followers do some form of charity work every week then maybe you could convince me to give them a tax break.

  • No, the Church of Scientology should not be tax exempt.

    Legitimate religious organizations and churches should be able to enjoy tax exempt status. However, the Church of Scientology sounds more like a cult than a church. This organization has harmed many of its followers, whether intentional or not. Therefore, the Church of Scientology does not deserve to enjoy tax exempt status.

  • Nothe Church of Scientology should not tax exempt

    The Church of Scientology has engaged in patterns of social abuses and human rights violations since its inception. The majority of these abuses and violations are clearly illegal, such as child labor law violations. The remainder are violations of public policy (such as hiring private investigators to harass people “legally,” going through garbage, putting up smear sites, etc.), others are just plain wrong, like disconnection. They are not acting as a church but as a profit making enterprise protecting its interests.

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