Scotland Produces Enough Wind Energy to Power the Nation: Is wind energy a sustainable source of energy for the future?

  • Yes, wind energy is a great way to utilize the energy around us.

    Wind energy is a great way to begin our diversification of energy generation. Since electricity, we have looked for an easy one-stop solution to all of our needs, and that is obviously not a good long term solution. What we need to do is diversify and specialize in what we have near each area. If Scotland has wind, create wind energy. If Germany has sun, create solar energy. We need to stop thinking of electricity as something tied to the price of a fossil fuel or raw material and something we can use as a commodity itself. What would be wrong with England buying electricity from all of its neighbors when it is the cheapest? Better yet, charge them to store the energy for later use.

  • Yes, wind energy is a sustainable source of energy to assist with the declining availability of fossil fuels.

    Though I'm not sure if wind energy can successfully meet global energy demands alone, it is certainly a key resource in creating sustainable sources of energy for the future. It certainly is a positive that some countries are meeting their energy demands through this resource alone, and is a positive for the future.

  • Wind energy is the future

    I believe that wind energy will help us fuel the energy needs of our planet for years to come. It is a sustainable energy source that does not drain our planet's resources: wind is a continuous supply of power that does not pollute or create unsafe drinking water, as coal and fracking, respectively, do.

  • Yes, green energy is the future energy.

    Unlike other natural resources like oil and uranium, wind and sun are the only natural resources that can not be depleted hence high reliability. Scotland has proven that Wind is the way to go by powering the entire nation with wind energy. Other advantages of wind energy include, environmental friendly, cheap to generate and maintain.

  • Yes it is.

    Wind energy can be safely stored and harnessed. Depending on the amount of wind that a particular region recieves it could be enough to power that region without relying on other sources. If not it can be used in combination with other sources, such as solar energy and hydroelectric power.

  • I don't think it's "sustainable."

    Wind patterns are unpredictable and spurratic. Therefore, I don't think its a "reliable" and "sustainable" source of energy for the future. It needs 3x the amount of installed generation to meet demand. It's limited to windy areas. It's highly climate dependent - wind can damage equipment during windstorms or not turn during still summer days. May affect endangered birds, however tower design can reduce impact. Wind alone isn't enough. The cons for wind turbines far exceed the cons to nuclear plants. Honestly, I think alternative sources of energy should be made affordable and practical at the house level---completely decentralized. This will probably be the most effective means of using it (results vary by location)

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