Scotland voted to remain as part of the EU. In light of this, will a vote to be independent fail?

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  • Scotland Revisits Independence in the Aftermath of Brexit Vote

    In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, it is expected that Scotland will be voting again for its independence from Great Britain. The economic and social impact of the Brexit choice leaves Scotland reconsidering its role as a European nation. Now, Scotland may be forced to choose one membership over the other. Historically, the United Kingdom, united Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Following WWII, being a member of the U.K. also meant having a close bond with greater Europe as an EU member. Scotland faces the question of which bond is more important to its people? Scotland would also have to pursue EU membership should it become an independent nation.

  • Scotland will take notes on how the "Brexit" affected the UK and plan their exit accordingly.

    Scotland would definitely need to take a good look ot the effect that the UK exit has on it's economy, immigration policies, politics, etc. Scotland would need to make sure that they plan well enough for their exit to avoid all the negatives and accentuate the positive that go along with their vote for independence.

  • No, a vote to be independent will not fail.

    Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, while the remaining residents in the United Kingdom voted to leave. This has left many in Scotland upset that there voice feels ignored. Therefore, Scottish residents are likely to vote in favor of independence, so that they can remain a part of the European Union.

  • Scotland voted to remain as part of the EU, but it may eventually fail

    Scotland voted to remain as part of the EU, but it may eventually fail because Scotland was simply waiting for another country to lead the way. This could be a domino effect that may result in several E.U. counties bailing on its unification. Stand by for more market panic as this all unfolds.

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