Scotland voted to remain in the EU: Should the country push for independence?

  • They need the economic stability.

    The UK just left the EU, and their economy is already feeling its effects. If Scotland leaves the UK to be a part of the EU, then it would be beneficial to both parties. Scotland would gain economic stability from the EU as well as avoid problems arising in the UK, and in turn the addition of Scotland would help lessen the blow to the EU made when the UK left.

  • I agree that Scotland should push for independence.

    I agree that Scotland should push to be independent. They have wanted to be independent for decades and they deserve it. Where there is a will, there is a way. I believe that Scotland will find a way to make independence a reality for their country and for the future.

  • No, the EU is needed.

    No, Scotland should not push for independence. They need the EU just as any other country, including the UK, does. Unless Scotland is being specifically outraged by the EU, if people think that they should stay, they should stay. Independence is not needed if the citizens are content with their greater power.

  • No, Scotland should not push for independence.

    There is a lot of speculation that Scotland will want to push for independence since the majority of its residence voted to remain in the European Union. However, Scotland would be smart to remain a part of the United Kingdom instead of becoming an independent nation. Scotland shares an island with the other nations in the British Isles, so geography is a natural reason to remain together. Also, sharing a common defense with the United Kingdom is important as well. Finally, the Scottish economy would be stronger if it remains a part of Great Britain. In short, Scotland should not push for independence.

  • No Scotland should stay with the UK.

    Although Scotland want to stay with the EU, they should wait to see how the transition goes before deciding anything about independence. They already voted to stay in Britain, so they should not vote again so soon. The UK leaving the EU could cause the whole thing to collapse, if Scotland left Britain they would be destroyed if they ended up all alone.

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